Uber in lawsuit by Frenchman for allegedly breaking up his marriage

Uber continues sends notifications to man's wife's iPhone after sign out
 A businessman in southern France Côte d’Azur to be precise is suing ride-hailing company Uber over his wife's discovery of rides he took to see his lover, his lawyer said.

 The man used her iPhone to order Ubers, and then he signed out of the app. However, notifications for his Uber account kept popping up on her phone after, even though he was signed out.

A notification bug in Uber allowed his wife to spy on his Uber rides without his knowledge. That’s probably how his wife found out he was lying to her about his movements, as she was seeing all his Uber notifications without alerting him. She was able to see details about his orders, including driver name, license plate, and arrival time. She could not track his location in real time or see his destinations, but she received lots of information on her iPhone that would let her know when he was lying to her. For example, a “working late at the office” excuse doesn’t really work in your favor if you keep taking Uber rides all evening long, and someone can prove it.

"My client was the victim of a bug in an application," his lawyer David-André Darmon told AFP news agency after the case was lodged at a court in Grasse.
"The bug has caused him problems in his private life," Mr Darmon added.

The lawyer did not comment on a report in Le Figaro newspaper that the lawsuit was worth up to €45m, saying only that his client wished to remain discreet and anonymous.

Other users had also encountered the Uber software bug, Le Figaro said.

The newspaper carried out its own experiment by logging in and out of Uber on one iPhone and then logging in on another and ordering a driver. The app then sent screen notifications about the order to both phones.

The glitch affected iPhones before a software update in December, the newspaper said. Android phones did not appear to be affected.

Uber, meanwhile, will not comment on the case. "Uber doesn’t comment publicly on individual cases, and especially on cases that involve a divorcing couple" a spokesperson told the French site.

Although this is amusing to me. Ever experienced such notification bug? Please use the comment box to express your view.