Toyota exhibits the "Tundrasine"

           Toyota is one of the worlds leading car brands the company started of in Japan, the car brand is well known their well patent cars, highly functional cars and the trust worthiness of their models. The car company started in Japan and it has grown to be one of the biggest car distributors in the world.

          The Japanese car company has decided to do what the a lot would call crazy by creating what I call the "upgraded version of tundra" the "Tundrasine" But the most ridiculous Toyota car to be ever revealed would be from the American manufacturers, a model that is so crazy it must be the most American to be every produce.
          The car is actually a limousine but the inspiration behind it was the Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4×4 CrewMax pickup. Stretched to almost 26 feet it has now become an odd mixture of the limousine and the Tundra pick-up


  The Toyota Tundrasine has still the same ride height and width as the Tundra 4x4, the wheel base on the other hand has grown to 90.2 inches to total 19.6 feet (235.9 inches).

          Tundrasine is powered by a 5.7-liter V8.  The car weighs a staggering 7,953 pounds.
           The interior was said to have been inspired by that of a private luxury jet, which  houses a sumptuous brown leather

     "People have seen plenty of limousines before, but never one quite like the Tundrasine," Steve Appelbaum, national engagement marketing manager of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, said.
       The Tundrasine is currently being shown at SEMA. After the show, it’s possible that the manufacturer will dismantle it; I suspect that they had to empty their inventory of doors to build this monster!